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Prevention & Education

Prevention Education and Enrichment Center's commitment, integrity, stewardship, and resiliency are the core values of who we are. We provide culturally appropriate prevention and education services to African and Hispanic American youths in Ohio.

Our Services

At the Prevention Education and Enrichment Center we understand how precious your child is. Our broad spectrum of dynamic services are designed to build for the future and offer a variety of activities. Our goal is to assist youth with the development of self-esteem and leadership skills. To inspire young adolescents to be more resilient, enhance decision-making skills, and increase academic achievement. We also offer services aimed at the prevention of violence, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

The Lima-UMADAOP prevention program has been implemented since 2001 in a variety of ways. One way is through community health fairs. We will both host and participate in community health fairs. This program will also be implemented through facilitation of after school youth groups, facilitators are continuously trained on different prevention strategies and on evidenced based curriculums.

Programs are available for boys and girls ages 6-17.

We Put Families First!

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